SNL parodies The Bachelor with Ronda Rousey, Selena Gomez


SNL parodied The Bachelor in a skit called ‘Bland Man’ featuring host Ronda Rousey and musical guest Selena Gomez

One of the few highlights of the lackluster SNL episode hosted by UFC fighter Ronda Rousey was the show’s pitch perfect parody of ABC’s long-running dating series The Bachelor in a skit called ‘Bland Man,’ with cast member Taran Killam playing Dan, the titular blue-eyed, brown-haired and gray shirt-clad guy from Chicago (or maybe Denver) that must choose between seven women to be his bride.

The sketch accurately skewered the show and all of its familiar tropes, including having Vanessa Bayer’s character tell Dan, “I loved going to your old high school and watching you cry” as they sit on a park bench.

“I want a guy who’s like my dad,” she continued. “Smart like my dad, hard-working like my dad, and with the same body and penis as my dad.”

The pair were then interrupted by Kate McKinnon, who asked if she could steal him for a second. She began by thanking him for taking her to an improv class on a race car for their date, and laughed uncontrollably at everything he said.

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The other women were then brought out in rapid succession to “steal him for a sec,” including Rousey, who as with the rest of the episode, failed to make an impression or deliver any memorable lines despite her best efforts.

Other stand out moments included Cecily Strong as the virgin with deep emotional problems who promised she was “very quick to do the stuff I do;” Sasheer Zamata as the token black contestant that was quickly asked to leave before revealing a tragic backstory, which granted her at least one more week; and McKinnon claiming Dan was the funniest person she had ever met even though she knows two Jews.

None of the girls seemed to be a match for Dan until Selena Gomez showed up and reveals that she’s happy to be on the 25th season of The Bachelor because she was “conceived during the second season.”

“Okay, I’ll go with her, we can stop,” Killam says as Dan after she tells him her name.

Watch the entire ‘Bland Man’ skit below:

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SNL previously spoofed The Bachelor during an episode hosted by Blake Shelton last January in a sketch called ‘Farm Hunk‘ where The Voice coach played a blonde-haired farmer from a small Iowa town (reminiscent of Chris Soules) looking for love.

SNL returns on February 6 with Bernie Sanders impersonator and former writer Larry David hosting the show for the first time. British rock band The 1975 will serve as musical guest.