Kellyanne Conway reveals favorite SNL Kate McKinnon skit, calls impression ‘charming’

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Kellyanne Conway also answers whether she’d ever appear alongside Kate McKinnon in an “SNL” skit.

Kellyanne Conway has managed to keep a low profile in recent weeks after making such gaffes as her “alternative facts” label and encouraging Fox News viewers to buy items from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, further hurting the new administration’s credibility. But TMZ managed to catch up with a relaxed Conway on her way back to D.C. earlier this week in an airport where they asked her her thoughts on Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of her on SNL.

Unlike her boss, who recently called Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on the long-running sketch series a “not good” situation on Fox News, Conway had nothing but praise for her doppelgänger, calling her impression “charming,” while pointing out that she especially enjoys the “A Day Off with Kellyanne Conway” skit, the first time McKinnon played her on the show.

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The sketch in question, which aired in October, portrayed Conway as a put upon campaign manager whose day off is constantly interrupted by having to go on CNN to explain away Trump’s latest inane tweet. It’s an interesting choice given that the skit doesn’t portray Trump in the best light, with the SNL version of Conway eventually admitting that he’s “crazy” and “the worst person I’ve ever known,” though it does show a sunnier side of Conway as she does yoga, roller skates and paints outdoors to the tune of “Walking on Sunshine.” More recent sketches featuring the counselor to the president have portrayed her in a harsher light, including the show’s “Fatal Attraction” spoof, which caused controversy in some corners of the internet for its perceived sexism, and their send-up of the musical Chicago where she was shown as a spotlight seeking, wannabe celebrity.

Though she was open about her feelings about SNL, Conway demurred when asked if she’d ever make a guest appearance on the show, stating, “I don’t answer hypothetical questions.”

Watch the “Day Off” skit below:

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While Conway is no longer considered the public face of the Trump administration, she continues to cause controversy behind-the-scenes, recently receiving the American Association of Political Consultants MVP award earlier this month despite potentially violating the group’s code of ethics, according to Politico, which vows that consultants will not lie to the media nor attack family members of a political opponent, or work for a client who has done so.

SNL returns April 8th at 11:30 p.m. on NBC with Louis CK as host and The Chainsmokers as musical guest.