SNL trolls Kellyanne Conway by having her sit on everything

Credit: SNL
Credit: SNL /

SNL went heavy with Kate McKinnon this weekend, bringing back her Kellyanne Conway impression to troll #Couchgate.

It seems the every single week brings a brand new scandal of some sort to the Trump administration. Some of them are actual things to rally in the streets over, like slanted immigration  laws and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. Laws are being changed that will drastically effect the lives of millions of people in America — and also couches are getting sat on the wrong way.

Kellyanne Conway has been kept off television since her infamous ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ incident last month, but she found a way to make it back into the news cycle. This past week, a photo circulated around the internet of Conway sitting on the famous Oval Office couch as though she was watching television at her home.

This was immediately turned into some kind of national crisis, as #Couchgate was the latest — and least important — Trump scandal of the week.

If anything, it gave us a chance to see Kate McKinnon reprise her role as Conway on this week’s edition of SNL — a lot of her.

It was a McKinnon heavy first hour of the show this week, as she nailed her cold open impression of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But the Kellyanne Conway troll was much more subtle and actually a little more brilliant. It’s hard to argue with the box of chocolates opener, but the idea of having Kellyanne sit on just about everything in the SNL set was a clever way to troll the incident without actually making a huge thing of it.

That’s how smart this season of SNL has been. They’re pulling punches by not actually pulling any at all. Rather than waste time on a mindless “scandal” like #Couchgate, they found a way to work it into the show as a conversational piece that actually inspires conversation rather than the usual trollish route.

As if SNL couldn’t get any better this season.