Trevor Noah explains Hillary Clinton’s likability problem


The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah and Michelle Wolf advise Hillary Clinton on her likeability issues.

As the U.S. braces for the general election, voters are growing increasingly concerned about the prospect of having to choose between two of the most disliked candidates in American history. While Donald Trump’s disapproval rating can easily be traced back to his divisive rhetoric, the reasons behind Hillary Clinton’s unfavorable numbers are harder to discern, but are likely a result of an amalgamation of issues throughout the years that have caused the American public to view her as untrustworthy. In a recent episode of The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah examined why Clinton has struggled to be likeable, before contributor Michelle Wolf dispensed some advice on how the former Secretary of State can still be the boss that America needs.

Noah began by noting that “2016 was Hillary’s presidency to lose, and it looks like that’s exactly what she’s doing,” before showing a Fox News clip reporting that Clinton and Trump are essentially tied in the polls.

“How the f*** did we get here?!” the comedian shouted. “The only time anyone should be struggling to choose between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is if they’re picking a Halloween costume.”

He then lamented the fact that in a country with 17 different Corn Flakes, four different shows about tiny houses and six Kardashians, we’re left with only two choices for president.

Noah then examined why Clinton went from one of the most popular public officials in the country to now “losing to an overcooked sweet potato,” offering that it doesn’t help that every few months, more information is released about her email scandal. A recent report from the Inspector General detailed that she didn’t follow department guidelines when she used a personal email account and private server as Secretary of State, failed to turn over all official emails before leaving office, and forced two I.T. staffers to remain silent about the email system.

“Sounds less like a bureaucratic cover-up, and more like a scene from Game of Thrones,” Noah joked, before imitating the show’s duplicitous character, Littlefinger, just as Late Night‘s Seth Meyers did during his recent segment on the subject.

He later showed a clip where voters struggled to say something nice about her during a focus group, instead using words like “liar,” “corrupt,” “deceiver” and “opportunist” as a way to describe her. Even worse, none of the participants raised their hand when asked who had a positive impression of her.

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Noah then brought in Wolf, the show’s newest contributor and “Clinton campaign analyst,” to ask her if there was anything the Democratic candidate could do to get people to like her again. Wolf expressed that the first step was for Clinton to “embrace her unlikability,” and hold it “closer than the leash you keep Bill on.”

“You’re not running to be everybody’s friend, you’re running to be the boss, and no one likes their boss,” she declared. Wolf went on to advise her to get back to the days when she was a “no-nonsense, indoor sunglass-wearing, on her phone-playing boss lady who eats enemies and s**** policy,” as seen in a widely-circulated photograph during her time as Secretary of State.

She also suggested for her to be more like Bill Belichick, the “mean” and “underhanded” coach of the New England Patriots, and compared her to braces, which are “awkward, painful, you don’t want to be seen with them, but they get the job done.”

Wolf went on to dismiss the email server controversy as overblown, before calling out Clinton’s critics that find her voice to be shrill, which is something she can relate to, saying they have “bitch-ass ears.”

“Hillary, we need you to be our boss,” she concluded. “We don’t want you to be, but we need you to be.”

Watch the entire Daily Show segment below:

One of Clinton’s biggest challenges going forward after she clinches the nomination is winning over Sanders supporters, who currently prefer the Vermont senator over Trump by a wide margin, but are less enthused about the prospect of another Clinton presidency. Although most of her issues with Sanders fans are based on policy and not likeability, having the ability to engage with voters on a personal level should never be undervalued in politics.

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As for Noah, the pressure is on for the new Daily Show host to remain relevant this election season in an increasingly large field of political satirist, some of whom graduated from the Comedy Central series – such as Samantha Bee and John Oliver – to get their own show, and have quickly made their case for being the true successor to Jon Stewart.

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