Daily Show with Trevor Noah turns Donald Trump into a rapper


Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show uses Donald Trump’s own words to turn him into a rapper named Black Trump

Ever since Donald Trump burst on the scene – first as a New York City real estate developer/tabloid fixture and later as a reality TV host – his boastful rantings have earned him comparisons to rappers, even garnering countless mentions in rap songs throughout the years. The similarities have only become more appropriate since the launch of his presidential campaign. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah took full advantage of his bravado on Thursday’s episode to create a rap song titled “They Love Me,” starring his rap alter-ego, Black Trump, played by correspondent Roy Wood Jr., which contains actual quotes from the GOP front-runner over a “dope beat.”

It begins by targeting his chief rival, Ted Cruz (or “Lyin’ Ted”), citing Trump’s threat to “spill the beans” on his woman, before taking aim at Bette Midler (“never liked [her] persona”), Modern Family, which is “written by a moron,” and Heidi “No Longer a 10” Klum. The song not only includes his many beefs, but also brags about him always winning, being wealthy enough to be the only self-funded candidate, and his “long and beautiful” fingers and hands.

The chorus is the only portion of the song that deviates from quoting Trump, instead listing all of the groups that love him, including Democrats, Muslims, gays, illegals, veterans, protestors and women. It also includes a brief interlude where Black Trump receives a call from Anderson “360” Cooper to revisit his feud with Megyn Kelly. The Fox News anchor isn’t the only woman to receive a shout-out, but also all the female Apprentice contestants that allegedly flirted with him, and his own daughter Ivanka, who he says he would date if she wasn’t his daughter.

Unsurprisingly, talks of making America great again, building a wall and his “great relationship with the blacks” (who he says count his money) also get mentioned, but it ends with this choice quote: “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking diet coke.”

The full lyrics and annotations can be seen here. Watch the entire music video below:

Before the introduction of the clip – which shows the rapper version of Trump surrounded by beautiful women while golfing, popping bottles of champagne and sitting in the boardroom – Daily Show host Trevor Noah questioned whether the billionaire is fit to be Commander-in-chief.

“Honestly Trevor, Trump doesn’t belong in the White House. Donald Trump belongs in a rap video,” Wood responded. “Everything Trump says is straight out of a rapper’s play book: He brags about his money, he’s disrespectful to women, and there’s always fights at his concerts.”

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As with most of the other late-night talk show hosts, Noah has consistently taken swings at the Republican presidential candidate, most memorably reminding viewers that Trump wants to “bang his own daughter,” as well as proposing that the country elect him mascot instead of president, and fact-checking one of his multiple victory speeches. However, the show has yet to produce a segment that gained enough traction to go viral this election season, but this clip just might be it. It also cements Wood’s status as one of the funniest Daily Show correspondents currently on its roster, along with his “They Love Me,” co-star Jordan Klepper.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs Monday to Thursday at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.