Jordan Klepper and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer talk Guns, Voting, and fighting Mickey Mouse

The Daily Show guest host Jordan Klepper interviewed the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer this week. Klepper returned home to Michigan to interview the Governor at Michigan’s own Bell’s Brewing. To begin the segment, Klepper and Gov. Whitmer were behind the bar serving Bell’s beer. Klepper joked, “Governor, is this sort of like an opposite AOC, a successful politician becomes a bartender?”

Voting, Guns, and fighting Mickey Mouse

Guest host Jordan Klepper and Gov. Whitmer discussed Michigan’s election results and what those results mean moving forward. Gov. Whitmer described Michigan as “the most diverse swing state in the country.” Gov. Whitmer made the comment after Klepper noted that Michigan voted Trump in 2016, Biden in 2020, and Gov. Whitmer winning re-election by double digits in 2022 and her progress throughout her term.

Klepper then asked about the Michigan GOP leader being an election denier, Q-Anon sympathizer, and comments the GOP leader made towards Democrats and some famous celebrities. After both laughed at the ridiculousness of the GOP leader, Gov. Whitmer commented that she would always work with those across the aisle to solve problems before adding, “but I don’t have time for people who want to call Beyonce satanic.”

The two also discussed the ongoing issue of guns. As the number of mass shootings grow larger by the day, Michigan this week in the state Senate and House voted on a gun bill being referred to as the ‘red flag’ law. A gun safety law that nineteen other states have already voted into law. Klepper and Gov. Whitmer joked that if red state Indiana can pass the law, we (Michigan) can do it too.

The interview also touched on another nationwide issue. Jordan and Gov. Whitmer discussed the victory for the Governor on repealing a 1931 abortion ban law. Klepper asked the Governor if there were any other old time outdated laws that were worth looking into such as a “Death penalty for swing dancing.”

After sharing a cold one at Bell’s Brewery and discussing a variety of topical issues in the state and country, Gov. Whitmer and guest host Jordan Klepper went to work on ‘fixing the damn roads’, an issue Gov. Whitmer campaigned on. Gov. Whitmer roasted Klepper when they arrived on site to work, “All working men and women wear Carhartt’s, and so does Jordan.” And again roasted him by commenting on his “pretty shoes” while on the job site.

Guest host Jordan Klepper ended his interview with Gov. Whitmer with Gov. Whitmer making a funny yet reasonable statement.

“Other states are waging wars against different parts of their population. I think a lot of politicians just want to pick fights and get headlines. Whether it’s picking a fight against Mickey Mouse or moving backwards to the early 1900’s, it’s so much easier to show up and to listen to the people to know what really matters.”

The New Daily Show Host?

Jordan Klepper has had a good week of guest hosting The Daily Show. This week’s shows and his interviews with Senator AOC and Gov. Whitmer may have raised his chances of being named the next permanent host on The Daily Show. Viewers have had several opportunities to watch Klepper interview various people at rallies, events, and protests where he jokes and mocks them to their face without them seeming to realize it, but now we have had the opportunity to watch him conduct a serious yet funny interview with major politicians. Which certainly has helped his own candidacy not into politics but as the new The Daily Show host.

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