The Daily Show mocks Bernie Sanders’ Simon & Garfunkel ad


The Daily Show dismisses Bernie Sanders’ Simon & Garfunkel ad as messageless, and adjusts it for different audiences

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah mocked some of the political ads hitting the airwaves in the lead up to the Iowa caucus, including an ad from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and another featuring the endorsement of GOP hopeful Marco Rubio by a reality TV star during a segment called ‘Advertisement Tonight’ on Thursday night’s episode.

Noting that the “key to any political campaign is powerful endorsements from well-known public figures” – such as Obama having Oprah in 2008 and Papa John’s backing of Mitt Romney in 2012 – host Trevor Noah and Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. first took a look at a campaign spot from Rubio starring Pawn Stars host Rick Harrison.

“He’s amazing, he helps thousands of Americans get the things they need like watches and guns and money for drugs,” said Noah after watching the ad. “I think that’s a solid endorsement.”

“Rubio getting this guy’s endorsement isn’t exactly an exclusive club,” responded Wood, before cutting to a clip of Harrison hawking one blade razors. “He’s basically saying Marco Rubio is the same as a mail order razor. Rubio is using this ad to connect to idiots who’ll believe anything.”

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The pair then turned to the Democratic side, showing Sanders’ stirring ad featuring the Simon & Garfunkel song ‘America’ that’s currently airing in Iowa. It features idyllic scenes of people working in fields and doing everyday activities, and it ends with Sanders stating that he approves this message.

“What message?” asked Noah. “I don’t understand, did I miss something?”

“You have to read between the lines,” explained Wood.

“It’s just people doing errands, and it’s all farm stuff.” shot back Noah, while Wood noted that farm stuff is what they do in Iowa. “If the ad is for Iowans, then why does it say America? Is Bernie going to make a different ad for each part of the country? This ad isn’t for everyone.”

“Trevor, it doesn’t matter. It’s all in the music,” said Wood.

“Like, if Bernie wanted to win votes with senior citizens in Florida, he would do this,” he added, before cutting to an updated version of the ad set to the The Golden Girls theme song, which spurred the comedian to mistakenly reveal his attraction to the characters from the classic sitcom.

Noah then noted that Sanders also has to attract minorities voters, which Wood had covered by adding the song ‘I’m Black Ya’ll’ from the movie CB4 to Sander’s TV spot.

Noah gave his approval by dabbing to the song, before Wood brought the conversation back to Blanche and her housemates: “Seriously, you never wanted to bang one The Golden Girls?”

Watch the entire Daily Show segment below:

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