Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at an embarrassing day for Trump and MTG

Anna Moneymaker/GettyImages

It was a tough day for two of the Republican Party's biggest stars as Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene faced seperate challenges. Seth Meyers broke it all down in "A Closer Look."

Donald Trump remains in the middle of his trial, facing charges related to hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels. According to Meyers, this means Georgia's Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn't been getting enough attention.

The Late Night host argued that the lack of spotlight motivated Greene to bring forward a motion to oust Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. Republicans met Greene's efforts with boos, much to the delight of Meyers.

The embarrassing scene didn't exactly deter MTG, however. Meyers compared her to a pro wrestler standing in the middle of the ring soaking up the hate.

Meyers used Greene's motion debacle to further criticize the GOP. After all, that's the party that helped get her to Congress and repeatedly elevated her status. "A Closer Look" also pinned the blame on Donald Trump for frequently giving MTG a shout-out.

It was the perfect segue for Meyers to use "A Closer Look" to recap Trump's day in court. It was another day of testimony from Stormy Daniels that wasn't exactly flattering for the ex-president.

Meyers joked that there's no defending Trump's reputation regarding his affair with Stormy Daniels. "A Closer Look" highlights Ted Cruz's attempt to spin the story, but Meyers points out that Cruz only emphasized that Trump is "a dirty dog."

"A Closer Look" then went into the details of Daniels' testimony from Thursday. In particular, Meyers enjoyed her comments (under oath) that no one would publicly admit to sleeping with Donald Trump. The cherry on top for Late Night was when Daniels calling Trump an "orange turd" was entered into the official record.

All of this embarrassing testimony happens as Trump sits listening in silence. He's certainly not getting any sympathy from Seth Meyers, the same person who put together the quintessential montage of Trump's gaffes.

But Meyers isn't holding his breath that a bad couple of days for Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene will lead to any reflection from the Republican Party. It's just another day at the office for the GOP and in turn, for Late Night with Seth Meyers.