Stephen Colbert laughs, cringes, and barfs over Stormy Daniels testimony

Frederick M. Brown/GettyImages

Stephen Colbert's monologue on Tuesday night gave a detailed breakdown of Stormy Daniels' testimony in Donald Trump's trial. The adult film star's recollection of her encounter left Stephen Colbert laughing, cringing, and on the verge of vomiting.

Daniels appeared in court on Tuesday and recalled meeting Trump during a golf event. She went on to tell her side of the story involving a one-night stand with the future president. In the end, Trump allegedly paid Daniels $130,000 ahead of the 2016 election to stay silent about their encounter.

Colbert's monologue last night opened up by calling Daniels' testimony an "historic" moment in presidential history. That's about as complimentary as Colbert got, however. The specific details from Daniels put Colbert through a range of emotions.

Off the top, Colbert booed when covering the judge's ruling that specific descriptions of Trump's genitalia would not be allowed. But that didn't deter the Late Show host from making jokes as he cleverly referred to Daniels and Trump as "Stumpy."

From there, Colbert mocked Trump for allegedly greeting Daniels in his hotel room wearing silk or satin pajamas. It got worse when Daniels testified that Trump was rude, wanted to get spanked by a rolled-up magazine, and revealed that he and Melania sleep in different rooms.

But Colbert stopped laughing and started dry-heaving while covering one specific part of Daniels' testimony. "Trump also paid Stormy the ultimate compliment," Colbert said, "telling her 'You remind me of my daughter.'"

The Late Show audience groaned at this line but that was nothing compared to Colbert's reaction. The comedian began dry-heaving and sounded on the verge of vomiting all over the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Overall, Colbert seemed to enjoy reliving Trump's embarrassment. The Late Show host typically spends his monologue responding directly to Trump and his over-the-top claims, lies, or bizarre comments. So it was a nice change of pace for Colbert to see Trump silent as someone else went on the offensive ... even if it almost made the comedian puke.