Seth Meyers compiles ultimate montage of Trump's worst moments

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Rome, GA
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Rome, GA / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Late Night with Seth Meyers assembled what it considers the ultimate montage of Donald Trump's gaffes, slip-ups, and mistakes. The late-night TV show drew inspiration from a congressional hearing that challenged the ex-president's competency.

During a congressional hearing into Biden's handling of classified information, much was made about President Joe Biden's memory. Democrats defended language in Robert Hur's special counsel report suggesting Biden was prone to memory lapses.

Democrats argued that it's actually Donald Trump who can't remember key details nor speak for very long without slurring or mispronouncing words. Multiple montages were shown to make the case and essentially embarrass Trump.

Last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers, it was the host who took offense to Democrats' strategy. Seth Meyers noted that a montage of Trump gaffes is actually his bit. He pointed to the nine-year history of Late Night's staff putting together clip after clip.

So not to be outdone by lawmakers, Seth Meyers introduced what he considers the essential montage of Donald Trump goofs. The final five minutes of Wednesday's "A Closer Look" were dedicated to the highlight (lowlight?) reel.

The montage started with classic Trumpisms as the former president struggled to read from a teleprompter. And when he did make mistakes, he kept rolling rather than correct himself. It's a move Late Night with Seth Meyers has called out time and time again.

Then came the confusion as Trump spoke as if Barack Obama was still president. A few more clips showed Trump mixing up who's who.

During the montage, Seth Meyers did what he could to keep himself entertained. That included pouring a drink, playing paddleball, taking a nap, knitting, and drawing.

Meyers ended the montage by arguing there is no equivalency between Joe Biden and Donald Trump when it comes to "how they handled classified documents or in the way their brains function."

But the real takeaway is that nobody in late-night TV has Trump's number quite like Late Night with Seth Meyers. Whether it's another show or Congress, anyone else's montage can't stack up against what we saw on "A Closer Look."