Top 10 late night TV comedians, ranked from worst to best

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4. Seth Meyers (Late Night)

Though he comes on half past midnight, much later than some of his other late night buddies, Meyers is no doubt just as funny. If you can manage to stay awake past Fallon’s show to catch Meyers’ monologue, it’s totally worth it. Taking his unique Weekend Update style and applying it to his series, Meyers has become one of the funniest comics of late night TV.

Naturally, not a lot of people are awake when Seth Meyers is on. So millions of people watch the YouTube videos of his monologues and “A Closer Look” segments the next day to see what they missed. No matter how terrible the news is that Meyers is discussing, you just know that whatever he says about it is going to be hilarious.

I think Jimmy Fallon is pretty comfortable in his gig on The Tonight Show, but if he were to ever step down, NBC needs to bump Meyers up. To be quite honest he’s just been so much funnier as of lately, and he addresses the serious topics that Fallon’s show just won’t cover. His only disadvantage is coming on so late, because Meyers deserves to be on at the same time as the other fellows on this list.