Seth Meyers’ five best A Closer Look segments of 2019

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Late Night with Seth Meyers has made “A Closer Look” one of the most popular segments in late night and it was at its best in 2019.

If you’re a fan of late night television, then chances are you’ve watched a few editions of “A Closer Look” over the years. And even people who aren’t the biggest late night watchers have certainly come across the segment from Late Night with Seth Meyers. There is no better way to digest the days headlines and find a (comedic) voice of reason.

“A Closer Look” was one of the first recurring bits when Seth Meyers made the jump from Saturday Night Live to Late Night. As time went on, the segment became an almost nightly occurrence and helped differentiate Meyers from his fellow late night hosts.

As the era of President Donald Trump has brought politics even more into late night comedy, Meyers has capitalized. Rather than shy away from mocking the President or worrying about “Trump fatigue,” Meyers and company have gone on the offensive and called out everything from corruption to abuse of power to the misuse of a Sharpie.

And in a time when late night shows have just as much life online as they do on television, “A Closer Look” has been a viral hit. The segment earns the type of views on YouTube that other shows get with a popular interview, a pretaped bit, or game. Late Night gets the attention for clever writing and fearlessness when it comes to covering the news.

2019 was the best year for “A Closer Look.” Major events like the release of the Mueller report, the Democratic debates, and the impeachment of President Donald Trump meant that there was never any shortage of inspiration for Meyers.

Here now we present the five best “A Closer Look” segments of 2019. Let us know what you think in the comment section whether its about a piece we missed or one that was your favorite of the year.