Top 10 late night TV comedians, ranked from worst to best

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3. John Oliver (Last Week Tonight)

This is another individual who first made a name for himself on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show before then getting his own series. Often referred to as the “British Milhouse”, Oliver gets a lot of criticism mostly based on his accent and appearance. But it’s hard for people to criticize the things Oliver actually says — because, well, he’s always right.

On his weekly HBO program Last Week Tonight, Oliver doesn’t hold back. He likes to highlight issues which are mostly ignored by everyone else, hoping to bring about some kind of positive change. Sure, his monologues are filled with vulgar jokes and are sure to keep us laughing, but the things he says are very true and the comedy doesn’t change that.

By mixing biting comedy with legitimate concerns we should all be discussing, Oliver has proven to actually be a pretty important late night TV figure. He’s four seasons into his HBO show so far with no signs of slowing down, and will hopefully be around for many more seasons. And with as funny and as compelling as the segments on his TV series are, there’s just no way you can’t at least put Oliver in the top three on lists like this one.