Top 10 late night TV comedians, ranked from worst to best

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5. Chelsea Handler (Chelsea)

Rumor has it that when Jay Leno was on his way out the door as the host of The Tonight Show, Chelsea Handler was in the running to replace him. She had done fantastic on the E! network with the series Chelsea Lately, and already had a bit of a fan following behind her. But as we all know, Fallon was the one to get the gig, leading Chelsea to eventually wind up on Netflix.

It’s hard to say whether Chelsea would be better than Fallon on The Tonight Show. But in retrospect, it’s probably better this way. Chelsea would have so many restrictions placed on her by hosting a primetime network TV show. By taking her talk show to Netflix, Chelsea can say pretty much whatever the hell she wants, and we can assume she has far greater control over the show than a major network would have given her.

On Chelsea’s show, her interviews don’t feel so much like typical late night TV segments. They just seem so much more casual, like just a sit-down with the guests where they just happen to discuss things. It’s a cool vibe and if you haven’t been keeping up with Chelsea on Netflix, you should give it a shot.