SNL mocks Pizzagate, Donald Trump and the alt-right on Weekend Update

Michael Che, Colin Jost, SNL, Weekend Update
Michael Che, Colin Jost, SNL, Weekend Update /

Saturday Night Live takes aim at the alt-right, Donald Trump and the fake news story known as Pizzagate during Weekend Update.

SNL delved into the Pizzagate scandal on Weekend Update during the John Cena-hosted episode this weekend in response to a North Carolina man who was arrested for entering a Washington D.C. restaurant with an assault rifle to investigate the internet conspiracy theory involving an alleged child sex ring connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta. The subject was tackled by Cecily Strong’s recurring character Cathy Ann, described by co-anchor Michael Che as “the woman who’s always yelling outside my window.”

“Can you believe that idiot went into that pizza shop with a gun, and he didn’t leave with no money and no pizza?” she asked.

She later decried the fact that fake news is being spread by the alt-right, and also ridiculed the movement’s name. “That’s what we’re supposed to call the white supremacists now because apparently the people that are drawing ‘swastickers,’ saying ‘Heil Hitler,’ get offended when you call them Nazis.”

Strong’s Cathy Ann went on to liken the group to fast food chains, advising them to, “Just say what you are. You’re not McCafe, you’re McDonald’s. I’m not here for a fancy cappuccino. I’m here because I burned some bridges at Wendy’s.”

She went to explain that her biggest gripe with the alt-right isn’t the racism, but the fact that they think that they’re funny, comparing it to “jail yard humor.”

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“That’s like when you first go into jail, and they find the fattest guy and pull his pants down, and everybody gets to slap his butt one time to see who leaves the reddest mark,” she continued, adding that she’s been in a male prison because “they put you where they put you.”

While Cathy Ann — who previously appeared on Weekend Update as an undecided voter — certainly isn’t a fan of the alt-right, she was also critical of liberals, complaining that “they don’t even try to have a sense of humor.”

“I mean, you even mention a sense of humor, they got an online petition about you a day later,” she said. “All they do is yell at each other on Facebook about safety pins and Bernie Sanders. All right, you’re 100 times smarter than everybody else, and a billion times less fun.”

The show then broke down the fourth wall by having the character implore people to “get off the damn internet for a few days, including Donald Trump.”

“I know he is watching,” she said to loud cheers from the audience. The direct message came after the president-elect took to Twitter to complain about Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on SNL for two weeks in a row.

Strong ended the bit by having Cathy Ann quote her hero, “Michelle Robama”: “They go low, I get high.”

Watch the entire clip below:

The alt-right was mentioned in another portion of Weekend Update during Kate McKinnon’s reprisal as German Chancellor Angela Merkel to give her take on Trump being named TIME’s Person of the Year one year after her. She also likened the movement to Nazism, stating, “In America it’s the alt-right. In Germany we call it why Grandpapa lives in Argentina now.”

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Meanwhile, Trump was mocked during the Cold Open sans an appearance by Baldwin, instead using Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White from Breaking Bad to rip the Republican’s cabinet selections by having him be announced as the incoming administration’s head of the DEA.

SNL airs its final episode of the year next Saturday, Dec. 17, with host Casey Affleck and musical guest Chance the Rapper.