Bill Maher slams self-loathing white liberals on Real Time


Real Time’s Bill Maher calls for a middle ground between being racist and seeing racism in everything

On Friday’s episode of Real Time, host Bill Maher dedicated the latter portion of his “New Rules” segment to shaming self-hating white liberals for mocking their own whiteness to score points with minorities, questioning whether they’re just as obnoxious as conservatives who believe racism against white people is a bigger issue.

“White people have to find some middle ground between racists and people who see racism everywhere,” he began. “Because at this point I can’t tell who’s more annoying: conservatives who don’t care about anyone who isn’t white, or liberals who hate themselves because they are white.”

He added, “There’s got to be some sweet spot between the PC police and the Baltimore police.”

The comedian then wondered how Caucasians in the U.S. got to a place where they’re either “non-stop apologizing for the unbearable whiteness of their being, or they’re Trump voters who somehow have convinced themselves that it’s white folks that can’t catch a break in America,” noting that 68% of Fox News viewers believe reverse racism is a bigger problem.

“Racism, they say. What racism? Look at all the black doctors on Grey’s Anatomy,” he joked.

Though Maher conceded that they are both stupid positions to take, he kept the focus on liberals – or as he referred to them, “Whole Foods shoppers” – because he expects stupid positions from conservatives. Addressing his side of the aisle, he argued that the idea that white people are routinely mocked and regarded as lame was starting to get out of hand, slamming the type of person who dismisses a vacation spot for having too many white people, or claiming that a Coldplay performance makes them sad to be white.

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“I know you’re trying to demonstrate to minorities that you’re a sympathetic ally by dumping on your own whiteness, but most minority folks could give a sh*t,” Maher said. “They think it’s ridiculous. You pretending you’re making a difference when you’re just making yourself feel better. It’s so… white.”

He further noted that this mentality was around in the ’90s as well when liberals complained about the lack of minorities on sitcoms like Seinfeld, when instead black people were just watching Martin, which has continued today with social justice warriors’ criticisms of the lack of diversity on HBO’s Girls. There’s also evidence of this type of over-sensitivity in the presidential campaign when Bernie Sanders got backlash for using the word “ghetto.”

Maher then lamented the fact that white guys have become the butt of the joke on almost every sitcom and commercial, noting that “the punchline is always the tight-assed, limp dick, Docker-wearing, tiny penised, bland food eating white guy,” who can’t jump, dance or f*ck. While he agreed with the idea of white male privilege, he argued that “constantly crapping on yourself doesn’t fix anything,” instead labeling it as a “perverse sort of narcissism,” and questioned whether now that he’s checked his privilege he should be forced to tweet an apology to Kendrick Lamar while cutting off his penis.

He went on to wade into the debate over so-called “bathroom bills” and invoked Caitlyn Jenner, who he argued became comparable to Rosa Parks only because she now has boobs.

“I’m not saying transgender isn’t an issue either or that where people use the bathroom in public doesn’t matter but come on, it’s easily solved.” he concluded. “If you look like a woman, use the women’s room, if you look like a man, use the men’s room. If you’re a bearded dude in a dress, just hold it until you get home.”

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Maher is known for pointedly criticizing conservatives, but has taken to calling out liberals as well for what he views as an attack on free speech on college campuses, and an overabundance of political correctness throughout American society. While the comic occasionally touches on the issue of race, the outspoken atheist has reserved his harshest criticisms for the left’s inability to condemn the dangerous aspects of Islam, which culminated in a much-talked debate with actor Ben Affleck over the religion and its followers.

Real Time with Bill Maher airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on HBO. Next week’s guests include director Rob Reiner, the New York Times’ Mark Leibovich, Kellyanne Conway, Thomas Frank, and Wayne Pacelle.