Bill Maher urges Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton


Bill Maher argues that the Republican Party is Ready for Hillary

Bill Maher encouraged the sane wing of the Republican Party to vote for Hillary Clinton while they rebuild their party during the New Rule segment of his HBO show Real Time last Friday night. Using a sports analogy, the comedian explained that the GOP should just punt the football since they’re going to lose the election anyway with either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump as their nominee.

“Help put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, and you’ll have her right where you want her,” Maher said. “I know it sounds crazy, but the only way you can win this November is by losing.”

Maher then provided examples of Republicans who have “flirted with this idea,” including former New Jersey Gov. Christie Todd Whitman, who said that she would support Clinton over Trump, Bill Kristol who recently said on Real Time that he’s not voting for Trump if he gets the nomination, and even the National Review publishing an entire issue against the Republican front-runner, which Maher compared to High Times magazine coming out against him.

He went on to argue that the GOP have great defense, and are the best at being “obstructionist assholes” when they’re out of office, proving that they aren’t equipped to govern anymore nor do they want to.

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He continued, “Governing means doing things… in government… which you hate. I know you say you want your country back, but really I think you’re like the video gamer who finally lands a date with a real woman. You’d have no idea what to do with her.”

Maher went on to state that they should let Clinton have the next four years while they have a “top-to-bottom renovation” of the party, like “one of those houses where an old lady lived with a hundred cats who peed everywhere.”

“Do you really want to live there the next four years?” he asked. “Do you really want to spend the next four years defending every single thing that President Trump tweets in the middle of the night? Defending every stupid thing he does when he invades Poland or puts Hulk Hogan on the nickel or re-tweets our nuclear codes? It’s going to be you explaining it to Wolf Blitzer.”

Instead, Maher offered that conservatives can spend time doing fun things while Clinton is in office, like photo shopping unflattering pictures of her, especially since Obama will be back to his “socialist tribe in Kenya,” and they’ll have no one left to hate everyday.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for Hillary, but you? You’ve been ready for 25 years,” he added, before rattling off a list of past and potential Clinton scandals. “You put so much work into the email thing and ginning up Benghazi. You’re rock hard and ready to shoot, but remember, you can’t impeach her if you don’t elect her.”

Watch the segment below:

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Some may view the segment as Maher offering his support to the Clinton campaign, but as was the case when he argued that Ted Cruz is preferable or less awful than Trump, it’s less of an endorsement and more of a critique of how far to the right and unelectable the Republican’s leading candidates are, as well as an analysis of the party’s conspiracy-minded obsession with Clinton and all of her scandals throughout the past few decades. He also makes a good point in offering that the GOP are at their best when acting as obstructionist rather than actually governing.

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