The Daily Show with Trevor Noah says goodbye to Ben Carson


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah pays tribute to Ben Carson with “I’ll Be Missing You” parody

Trevor Noah mourned the end of Dr. Ben Carson’s presidential campaign during Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show. The host, who often imitated the neurosurgeon, first mocked Carson’s characteristically subdued announcement that he was dropping out of the presidential race over the weekend during a speech at CPAC.

“He can’t even muster any energy when he’s saying he’s dropping out of the race,” Noah pointed out.

However, Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. defended Carson, while lamenting the fact that African-Americans were losing another one of their heroes, as well as the chance to go “black to black” in the White House.

“I know Carson’s presidential campaign was a joke, but black people used to look up to him,” he explained.

But Noah wasn’t having it, pointing out the many offensive and inane statements the “professional stabber” had made during his run for president, including calling Obamacare the worst thing since slavery, claiming Egyptians put grain in the pyramids, and questioning President Obama’s blackness.

Wood conceded that Noah was mostly right, replying, “Look, I’m with you. Campaign was a disaster. It completely overshadowed everything Carson has accomplished. That’s why I’m so sad.”

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He then noted that black people can’t afford to lose any more heroes after O.J., Cosby and possibly even Kanye. “We down to Obama and Shonda Rhimes,” he added.

Wood concluded, “The old Ben Carson is gone and he’s never coming back. But the man deserves a proper goodbye. Dr. Ben Carson, while you may never be welcome at a black barbershop, one thing is for sure: If I ever become a conjoined twin, I want you to do the surgery. I’ll miss you Dr. Ben Carson.”

The show then cut to a parody of the music video for “I’ll Be Missing You,” Puff Daddy’s tribute to the late Notorious B.I.G., replacing the lyrics “every breath you take” with “every nap you take.”

“Every belt you break, you sucked at debates, a bad candidate, I’ll be missing you,” sang Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams.

Watch the entire segment below:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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