Jon Stewart's first Daily Show monologue: The 5 best moments

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart"
"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" / Brad Barket/GettyImages

Jon Stewart returned to late-night TV last night on The Daily Show. The comedian wasted no time diving headfirst into the headlines, giving fans a deep dive into Biden vs. Trump.

Stewart's monologue behind the Daily Show desk didn't spend any time reflecting on the past or soaking up the warm reception. Aside from a not-so-subtle dig at Apple for canceling The Problem with Jon Stewart, the monologue went right into election coverage.

Late-night TV spent part of Monday night addressing ongoing concerns about Joe Biden's age. For example, Stephen Colbert broke down possible solutions that include better lighting and better makeup.

Jon Stewart's first monologue back at The Daily Show was no different. He tackled Biden's age while also turning the spotlight on Donald Trump. The end result was proof that Stewart hasn't missed a step, and Monday nights will be must-see TV this year. So with that, here are the five best moments from Stewart's first Daily Show monologue in 2024.

Jon Stewart introduces the Daily Show's election coverage

Election years are often when The Daily Show is at its best. And with an election year comes a catchy title for the program's election coverage.

Stewart kicked off his monologue by introducing the 2024 titles, although he didn't sound too enthusiastic about the choices (similar to the theme of the election).

"Indecision 2024: American DeMOCKracy" flashed on the screen first. Stewart explained the homophone and claimed the "k" made things wittier.

The second title was "Indecision 2024: Electile Dysfunction." Stewart looked into the camera and asked "are you disappointed yet?" The bit showed Stewart wasn't going to take himself too seriously in his Daily Show return, even if he has serious goals in doing so.

Jon Stewart rips the Trump family's memory problems

Stewart's monologue hit audiences with a classic bait-and-switch when discussing special counsel Robert Hur's report on Joe Biden. The report described the president as an elderly man with memory problems.

Stewart then set up footage of an interview with the president to prove the point. However, it was actually a video of Donald Trump's depositions in which he couldn't immediately recall several names and events, including one of his marriages.

The Daily Show monologue wasn't done there. It also included clips of Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump claiming they couldn't remember things while in depositions. It all led Stewart to quip that the leading cause of early onset dementia is being deposed.

Stewart's advice for Joe Biden press conferences

President Joe Biden wasn't off the hook. Jon Stewart quickly turned things back on the current president amid concerns about his sharpness.

Stewart initially praised Biden's press conference defending his mental acuity. But when a reporter goaded Biden into returning to the podium, Stewart lost it.

The comedian imagined what the Biden team must have been thinking watching Biden turn back, fumble through his notes, and ultimately mix up Mexico and Egypt.

"Geography buffs may have noticed that Mexico and Gaza do not share a border," Stewart joked. The late-night TV host continued, saying that Biden lost the political equivalent of a few steps in attempting to claim he hasn't lost a step.

Democrats aren't very convincing in their defense of Biden

Jon Stewart's monologue reiterated that it's not unfair to say that the two oldest candidates to run for president may not be on top of their game at all times. But for Democrats, that just doesn't seem to be an option.

Stewart was forced to pick apart Democrats attempting to defend Joe Biden. After showcasing clips of politicians including Vice President Kamala Harris praising Biden's mental fitness, Stewart asked a reasonable question: Did anyone film it?

The comedian joked that showing clips of Biden commanding a room or leading his cabinet would go over much better with voters than a TikTok of the president talking about cookies.

Jon Stewart screams that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are, in fact, old

Jon Stewart's first monologue back at The Daily Show wrapped up with some very loud proclamations. The host hammered home the point that both Biden and Trump are objectively old, saying it isn't ageist to point that out.

Stewart reminded his audience that Biden and Trump have set the record for the oldest candidates to run for president. The previous record? It came four years ago when the same two men ran for office.

"There are no more age-related milestones to hit," Stewart said. The only thing left for Biden and Trump is a Today Show Smucker's shout-out, he teased.

The ages of the two candidates inspired what Stewart said could be the name of the Daily Show's election coverage: Indecision 2024: Antiques Roadshow.

Jon Stewart will be back as host of The Daily Show next Monday. In the meantime, correspondents will run things for the rest of the week.