Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Trump’s tough day on the stand

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

Late Night with Seth Meyers ended Monday with “A Closer Look” at former President Donald Trump’s testimony at his fraud trial. Host Seth Meyers broke down an “angry” and “combative” Trump on the stand.

Previously, Donald Trump did most of his talking right outside the courtroom or on social media. The ex-president did himself no favors by constantly complaining about the judge or the entire legal process for that matter.

So when Trump finally took the stand in his own defense, anticipation grew regarding how he would behave under oath. As Seth Meyers explained in “A Closer Look,” the Donald Trump we saw on the stand wasn’t all that different from what you’d expect.

Meyers made sure to point out that Monday was “the first time he’s faced direct questioning from prosecutors in court.” And after “A Closer Look” recapped Trump’s political record that included two impeachments and an insurrection, Meyers also added that the ex-president was one of the “weirdest” people on the planet. It all added up to an “angry” and “combative” Trump on the stand.

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Trump’s weak defense

Donald Trump’s fraud trial is a civil case and not one of the criminal charges he’s facing in other jurisdictions. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot at stake here. Seth Meyers used “A Closer Look” to say the civil fraud trial could wipe out Trump’s entire business empire and tear down the entire basis of Trump’s public image.

Meyers discovered that Trump didn’t do himself any favors in his testimony. “A Closer Look” revealed that Trump couldn’t make it 30 minutes before picking a fight with the judge. Meyers compared keeping Trump focused on the stand to trying to give medicine to a cat.

“A Closer Look” leaned into Trump’s apparent childish behavior during his testimony. Meyers imagined a back-and-forth between Trump and the judge that sounded more at home on a playground than a courtroom.

The Late Night host ended the segment by reminding viewers that Donald Trump is still ahead in the polls in some swing states. Meyers doesn’t want to imagine life with Trump back in the White House with the power to pardon himself. But if the ex-president’s testimony is any indication, his defense could use some work.