Stephen Colbert breaks down solutions to Biden's age problem: Lighting and makeup

President Biden Hosts German Chancellor Olaf Scholz At The White House
President Biden Hosts German Chancellor Olaf Scholz At The White House / Alex Wong/GettyImages

President Joe Biden's age continues to be a sticking point among some voters and the media. So Stephen Colbert's monologue on Monday's Late Show went through some proposed solutions that include improving President Biden's lighting and makeup.

Biden's age became an issue once again after special counsel Robert Hur's report on Biden retaining classified documents. The report found insufficient evidence to charge Biden with any crimes. However, Hur did take the opportunity to describe the president as an "elderly" man with a poor memory.

Colbert's monologue recapped how these lines put Democrats on the defensive. While some late-night TV hosts like Bill Maher think Biden's age is a problem, Colbert isn't so definitive in his assessment. He simply said it may be an issue, it may not.

But for those who do think Biden's age is a problem, they've suggested some interesting solutions. The Late Show monologue shared that some believe Biden needs better lighting in his addresses. Colbert joked that natural lighting could turn Biden from an 81-year-old man into Timothee Chalamet.

Colbert continued, saying that other Democratic operatives have pushed for Biden to use better makeup. The comedian joked that explains Maybelline's new slogan "Maybe she's born with it, maybe she's the only thing standing between us and the complete collapse of American democracy."

The monologue took a slightly more serious tone as Colbert attempted to directly address Hur's comments. "We are where are," Colbert said, acknowledging that both Trump and Biden are older.
"Voters are just going to have to choose between a sympathetic well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory or a contemptible malicious elderly rapist with a poor memory."

Time will tell if President Biden's team makes any adjustments to relieve concerns about his age. Expect Stephen Colbert to keep a close eye on how both candidates handle the increased scrutiny as November nears.