Jon Stewart's first Daily Show is tonight; Why he wanted to come back now

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Tonight will be the first time Jon Stewart hosts The Daily Show since 2015. The comedian recently explained why now was the time for his return to late-night TV.

Almost a month ago, Comedy Central made the surprise announcement that Jon Stewart would be back at The Daily Show. The program has had no permanent host since Trevor Noah left in 2022.

Now, Stewart will host on Monday nights through the 2024 election cycle. He'll also serve as an executive producer and is expected to stay with the show until at least 2025.

So why did Stewart decide to come back now? In part, his Apple TV+ series The Problem with Jon Stewart was canceled in 2023 due to creative differences. Stewart couldn't get Apple on board with his coverage of specific topics including artificial intelligence and China.

Stewart added more detail to his decision during an appearance on CBS Mornings. "I very much wanted to have some kind of place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season," he said. The comedian continued, saying he thought he would have that opportunity at Apple. But the company "didn't want [him] to say things."

The comedian also expanded on his goal of returning to The Daily Show. Stewart isn't exactly looking to influence the election. Instead, he's "hoping to have a catharsis and a way to comment on things and a way to express them that hopefully people will enjoy."

And while Stewart jokingly referred to himself as an aging man past his prime, he isn't worried about connecting with audiences in his new iteration of The Daily Show. The rise of social media in how younger people consume news isn't a concern for Stewart. Instead, he thinks that quality content will always find an audience.

The other question besides why now for Jon Stewart is why only Mondays. The answer comes down to how Stewart wants to live his life. He admitted that he enjoys his life now and wasn't interested in committing to hosting The Daily Show four nights a week.

Stewart's return to The Daily Show will create one of the biggest nights in late-night TV in recent memory. The comedian sounds ready to deliver.