Jimmy Kimmel delighted by Donald Trump's shoutout


Former President Donald Trump's infatuation with late-night TV continued this week. His shoutout to Jimmy Kimmel delighted the comedian, who appreciated the attention given everything else Trump has going on.

Kimmel gave an interview to the LA Times this week in which he hinted at the end of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The late-night TV host noted he's still under contract for two more years. Beyond that, he's uncertain if he wants to remain the longest-tenured host in network late-night.

The interview caught the attention of Donald Trump. The ex-president used his Truth Social platform to share the interview along with his own commentary.

"They could get a far more talented person, who would also get better Ratings, for 5% of what they are paying this Loser!" the post read. But for as annoyed as Trump sounded, Kimmel's reaction was much more amused.

"I gotta say, that is a hell of a way to find out you're not going to be someone's running mate," Kimmel joked. "I hope he never finds out, he has no idea how delighted I am by something like this," the comedian continued. Kimmel added that he's enjoying the shoutout because Trump probably won't be allowed his phone in prison.

The Truth Social post was the latest in the history of Trump vs. Kimmel on social media. Back in 2020, Trump called Kimmel a "wacko last-place loser." Trump then declared Jimmy Kimmel Live! dead in 2022.

Kimmel's LA Times interview didn't exactly drop any bombshells about his future. He teased retirement on the Strike Force Five podcast and had similar thoughts years ago on Conan O'Brien's podcast.

But as he said, Kimmel isn't going anywhere in the immediate future. Like the rest of late-night TV, Jimmy Kimmel Live! will guide viewers through the 2024 election and whatever comes after.

So while Donald Trump wants to see Kimmel go, that isn't happening. Contrary to the president's post, Kimmel performs well in the ratings as he competes with Stephen Colbert. The only thing Trump may have got right is the price. Kimmel's longevity has earned him a hefty salary, inflating his net worth.

Donald Trump has a lot on his plate between running for president and running from criminal charges. But it seems like the rest of us, he can't resist keeping an eye on late-night TV. Expect Trump vs. Kimmel to go a few more rounds before it's all said and done.