Jimmy Kimmel responds to Trump calling him out on Twitter


President Donald Trump called Jimmy Kimmel “wacko last placer” on Twitter, earning a response from the late night host.

He may be in the middle of a pandemic and an election year but President Donald Trump is making plenty of time for television. Once again, the leader of the free world weighed in on late night television. And once again, late night responded. This time it was Jimmy Kimmel.

Last week, President Trump revealed that he was watching The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Both in an interview and on Twitter, the president commented on Senator Chuck Schumer’s interview with Stephen Colbert. Colbert then took time out of his monologue to deliver a special message directly to President Trump.

Ever aware of television ratings, now President Trump has shared his thoughts on late night viewership. He tweeted his support of The Greg Gutfeld Show, Fox News’ weekly political comedy show. The show outperformed The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the month of April.

Greg Gutfeld is a President Trump supporter while Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon are very much not. So when President Trump tweeted out Gutfeld’s success and took a shot at late night’s three biggest stars, Kimmel took it upon himself to respond:

Kimmel offers up what he thinks President Trump should be tweeting about right now if anything at all. Whether it is his own ratings for press briefings or ratings for late night shows, President Trump appears to be paying a lot of attention to what’s on television rather than what is happening to the country.

Kimmel doesn’t let President Trump off the hook that easily, though. The comedian was close to taking the high road but couldn’t help himself. He takes a shot referencing some alleged stories about Adderall abuse that could strike a nerve with the target.

This is another chapter in President Trump’s ongoing feud with late night television. He never wants to be a punchline but Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert and others have made him into one night after night. Other presidents have understood that it comes with the territory. But since President Trump seems to be constantly watching television or monitoring his coverage, he has tried to punch back again and again.

It was one thing for him to respond during his campaign or during other scandals and controversies. But during a pandemic that has caused more loss of American life than the Vietnam War seems like a bad time to squabble with late night comedians. That was certainly the point Kimmel wanted to make with his response. But then again, the president has never cared much about optics especially when he is out for revenge.

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