Jimmy Kimmel's net worth and late-night TV salary

Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Jimmy Kimmel's net worth has positioned as one of late-night TV's wealthiest entertainers. Considering his Jimmy Kimmel Live! salary, it's getting hard to imagine him walking away from the show anytime soon.

Kimmel is unique among his fellow late-night TV hosts in that he tends to make almost as many headlines as he lampoons on a nightly basis. Between feuds with Aaron Rodgers and Ted Cruz, it seems as if Kimmel always finds his way into the spotlight.

And that attention has certainly been lucrative for the talented late-night TV host. Jimmy Kimmel's net worth stands at an estimated $50 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Of course, a bulk of that comes from his contract with ABC. It has been reported Kimmel's annual salary is around $15 million. Broken down even further, that comes out to roughly $88,000 per episode.

While it's not quite at the level of Stephen Colbert's net worth, Jimmy Kimmel's net worth is nothing to laugh at. He's been able to spin his late-night career into several other rewarding ventures.

Kimmel also earns money for hosting award shows. He revealed he was paid $15,000 the last time he hosted the Oscars.

Outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the comedian operates his Kimmelot production company. He's behind the Live in Front of Studio Audience, Generation Gap, and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Kimmel's net worth has also received a boost from his voice acting roles. You can hear Kimmel in films such as The Paw Patrol Movie, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, and The Boss Baby.

The late-night TV host's net worth is only likely to continue growing. Despite hinting that he previously considered retirement, Kimmel signed a three-year contract extension with ABC in 2022.