A month after the Oscars, Donald Trump confuses Jimmy Kimmel for Al Pacino

96th Annual Academy Awards - Show
96th Annual Academy Awards - Show / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

Donald Trump is a busy man, so maybe he can be forgiven for not being up-to-date on pop culture. On the other hand, his attempt at dissing Jimmy Kimmel suggests it's time to unplug for a bit.

Trump, currently on trial in New York City, took to Truth Social on April 17 to attack Kimmel. The ex-president blasted the comedian for his performance hosting the Oscars back on March 10. Why it took so long for Trump to share his thoughts is unclear, but now was the best time to get to it.

However, there was one major flaw with Trump's post. He confused Kimmel for legendary actor Al Pacino.

"[Kimmel] stumbled through announcing the biggest award of all, 'Picture of the Year.' It was a CLASSIC CHOKE, one of the biggest ever in show business, and to top it off, he forgot to say the famous and mandatory line, 'AND THE WINNER IS.' Instead, he stammered around as he opened the envelope"

If you're having a hard time following what Trump is talking about, don't feel bad. It was Al Pacino, not Jimmy Kimmel, who presented the Best Picture award. Pacino did have an unorthodox delivery, leaving some fans confused. But it seems Trump is the most confused at all as he mixed up Pacino and Kimmel, even with the benefit of a month to get it straight.

"In fairness to our former President, many stable geniuses confuse me with Al Pacino," Kimmel tweeted. It included a screenshot of Trump's Truth Social post to his 11 million followers.

Trump's social media post also took exception to Kimmel reading his live reaction to the Oscars. Kimmel paused the ceremony to read Trump's Truth Social post, following it up with a "jail time" response that elicited an ovation from the crowd.

The former president also got a few other things wrong. The ratings were not down for the 2024 Academy Awards and the "famous line" is actually "...and the Oscar goes to...," not "and the winner is..."

Trump's April post did get one thing right: the producers did not want Kimmel to read Trump's post. However, the late-night TV star did it anyway, and it turned out to be the right decision.

Unsurprisingly, Trump was widely ridiculed for mixing up Pacino and Kimmel. It may be a little harder for his "mood caddy" to find some good news to share with him until this blows over.