Stephen Colbert mocks Donald Trump's comments about his 'right to talk' being taken

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert called out former President Donald Trump's comments about his "right to talk" being stolen as a result of the gag order in place for his criminal trial.
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On Monday, former President Donald Trump’s New York City criminal trial began as the jury process kicked off and it didn’t take long for Trump to make headlines for his courtroom behavior.

As The Late Show host Stephen Colbert revealed at the top of his Monday monologue, “reporters noticed that Trump appear to nod off a few times, his mouth going slack and his head drooping onto his chest. In fact, his lawyers passed him notes for several minutes before Mr. Trump appeared to jolt awake and notice them.” 

Colbert joked that Trump awoke in the court in a panic thinking he had a “terrible dream” that he had to read something which was just the start of his latest humorous roast of the former president. 

Before the jury selection even started this morning, Colbert revealed that “prosecutors argued that Trump had violated his gag order and asked judge Merchan to hold Trump in contempt for criticizing potential witnesses in social media posts asking him to fine Trump $3,000.” After a jab about a certain three-letter organization associated with the letter “K,” Colbert shifts his attention to the fact that with Trump’s trial likely to go on for several months, he will have to juggle his trial with a presidential campaign. 

“His team claims even on some court days, Trump will hold both in-person and virtual events. That’s going to make for some awkward trial moments,” Colbert stated before joking about how awkward it will be when Trump tells the judge “Your honor, can we wrap this up please because I am late for a rally where I call for your execution. If it pleases the court”

It was then that Colbert shifted his attention to a rally Trump attended over the weekend in Pennsylvania in which he made a bold accusation about the government trying to take way his “constitutional right to talk.” 

“On Monday in New York City, I will be forced to sit fully gagged, I’m not allowed to talk, could you believe it? They want to take away my constitutional right to talk,” Trump told those in attendance at the rally in the little town of Schnecksville. 

Needless to say, Colbert couldn’t pass up the chance to have some fun at Trump’s expense about Trump’s claim that the court is attempting to take his constitutional right to talk away.

“First of all, it’s freedom of speech not right to talk, and never in a trial, that’s how it works for everyone. It’s not political persecution if you have to follow the rules,” Colbert stated. 

“I went to a baseball came, I had to sit there, eatin’ hot dogs. Didn’t get to pitch one inning. They took away my constitutional right to be a bellyacher,” Colbert joked as he impersonated Trump to hit home his point. 

It was perhaps the line after that best summed up Colbert’s recap of Trump’s rally as he noted that “Trump’s brain didn’t seem to be working too good” as he highlighted a clip of Trump fumbling the word “alien” before wrapping the Trump talk with a bit about comments Trump made about the Battle Gettysburg which you can listen to in full via the above video of Colbert’s latest monologue!

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