Jimmy Kimmel introduces Natalie Harp, Trump's 'mood caddy'

Mark Wilson/GettyImages

Nobody in late-night TV is as fascinated by the cast of characters in Trump World as Jimmy Kimmel. The comedian introduced his audience to a new face on Tuesday night: Natalie Harp.

Going all the way back to 2016, Donald Trump's political career has given at least 15 minutes of fame to an ecclectic group of people. Sean Spicer, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller, and others have come and gone over the years, but not without taking a beating from Jimmy Kimmel's monologue.

Now, a new character has been introduced during Trump's hush money payment trial. Kimmel's monologue on Tuesday night mentioned Natalie Harp. Apparently, she has the very important task of showing Trump positive news about him.

A former One American News personality, Harp's job is now "polishing Trump's ego" according to Kimmel. The comedian cited a Washington Post article that detailed what exactly Harp does:

"[She] accompanies Trump on his daily golf outings, riding the course in a cart equipped with a laptop and sometimes a printer to show him uplifting news articles, online posts, or other materials."

Kimmel called Harp Trump's "moody caddy" in response to that description. But the late-night TV host can't imagine the former president is in a good mood right now.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman noted that Harp was present in the courtroom during the second day of proceedings. According to Haberman, Harp initially sat just two rows behind the defense table before security moved her to the back with Trump's other aides. That was all Kimmel needed to know to understand how important Harp must be to the ex-president.

Donald Trump's ego is by no means a revelation, especially for late-night TV hosts. Just recently, Stephen Colbert roasted Trump over desperate pleas for affection. However, finding out Natalie Harp exists and what her job entails adds a new wrinkle.

If it was up to Kimmel, Harp would be out of a job sooner than later. The late-night TV host sounds confident that Trump's stream of good news is about to run out.