Jimmy Kimmel pranks George Santos on Cameo with ridiculous requests

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /

George Santos didn’t wait long to find a new gig after his colleagues voted him out of office. He quickly created a lucrative Cameo account that caught the attention of Jimmy Kimmel.

Santos survived the scandal around his fabricated work experience and education and remained in office after his election. But charges related to campaign finance violations apparently went too far, and the New York Republican lost his job.

However, he landed on his feet by almost immediately opening up a Cameo account. Santos is charging $400 for a personalized message.

This created a dillema for Jimmy Kimmel. His monologue explained that “on one hand, you hate to give money to a guy like George Santos, but on the other hand, pretty good chance he has your credit card information already.”

So with that, Kimmel introduced his prank “Will Santos Say It?” to the audience. The late-night TV host revealed he personally sent requests to Santos to see what ridiculous things the former politician would say.

To recap, Santos congratulated a beef-eating champion, celebrated the cloning of a dog named Adolf, and warned a man’s wife about bears.

Jimmy Kimmel’s George Santos cameo prank isn’t done yet.

Jimmy Kimmel also revealed that his George Santos Cameo prank isn’t a one-time deal. He apparently sent dozens of requests to Santos, so expect this to be a recurring segment over the next few Jimmy Kimmel Live! episodes.

If you’re keeping track at home, that’s at least $1200 Kimmel has paid Santos through Cameo. It probably wasn’t the best feeling for Kimmel, given how he’s covered the ex-congressman in the past.

But spending money on Republicans isn’t anything new for Kimmel. Past episodes have featured him going through items from Donald Trump’s online gift shop. It seems Kimmel is willing to pay a price for comedy.