Jimmy Kimmel reveals what’s in Donald Trump mystery boxes

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Donald Trump apparently has a monthly club where subscribers receive official Trump merchandise every week, and Jimmy Kimmel is seeing what’s inside.

What does spending fifty bucks a month for exclusive Trump brand products get you? Let’s find out!

Recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel spoke about the odd subscription service for Donald Trump. Basically, it’s like Loot Crate, but more expensive with less useful products. With curiosity getting the best of him, though, Kimmel signed up for the cheapest plan (around fifty dollars) and opened the first package he received right there on the air!

So, what’s inside of these Donald Trump mystery boxes? Well, the first thing Kimmel pulls out is a stack of cups, which to him look like Solo cups. Upon closer inspection, he can see that they brandish Trump’s name and his inauguration date. I guess you have to “get drunk” to enjoy these.

That brings us to the next item. Jimmy pulls out a package of beer cozies. “It’s like a swag bag you get at a monster truck rally,” Jimmy jokes. And there’s also… nothing, I guess. Wow. A few cups and some beer cozies, and all it cost was fifty bucks? What a steal. For the president, that is.

Also included in the bit is an ad for something called the “Trumpy Bear”. Complete with an American flag hidden inside of it, the Trumpy Bear is hyped as another must have for Donald fans. To me, it looks just as worthless as the junk to come out of the Trump mystery box.

You can watch Kimmel open the package in the video below.

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