Stephen Colbert warns of the ‘nightmare’ coming with a second Trump term

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert’s monologue on Tuesday night sent out a warning. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert looked at the “nightmare” that would come with a second term under President Donald Trump.

Colbert has been in a good mood since The Late Show returned from hiatus, partly because so many of his monologues have been dedicated to covering Donald Trump’s legal problems. Yet at the same time, he remains the Republican frontrunner to be the 2024 nominee.

That means Trump continues to hold rallies and make promises about what he’d do in a return to the White House. The rallies have supplied late-night TV with solid monologue material, but now Colbert wants audiences to pay close attention to the actual content.

“Every so often,” Colbert’s monologue started, “it’s important with [Trump] to, let’s say, metaphorically jam the sharpened stick of knowledge into the soft inner thigh of your mind and just grind it around a bit to try to reawaken the horror of what our country would be like if this hate-filled dingus and his soulless goons ever got power again.”

Stephen Colbert calls Donald Trump a fascist

Stephen Colbert’s monologue went to a new level after delivering that warning. “Donald Trump is a fascist,” Colbert declared. He allowed the idea it was too harsh, but Colbert still brought receipts for his accusation.

Colbert pointed out Trump’s latest rhetoric that compared political opponents to “vermin” that his administration would “root out.” The Late Show host showed his audience how the media connected Trump’s language to that of past dictators.

“Yes, some in the media are starting to suspect that the guy who sent a violent mob to murder his vice president so he could stay in power might have a dark side,” Colbert panned.

Stephen Colbert’s monologue had a level of seriousness that we haven’t seen in a while. Clearly, Donald Trump’s current state of mind concerns the Late Show host. As Colbert himself has joked, Trump is headed for either the White House or the big house. The comedian’s preference isn’t up for debate.