Stephen Colbert recaps Trump’s trials in White House or Big House segment

Stephen Colbert’s monologue debuted a new segment on Wednesday night. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert recapped former President Donald Trump’s trials in “Donald Trump v. The People” as Colbert tracked whether Trump is headed to the White House or the big house.

Trump’s legal troubles have been practically manifested by Stephen Colbert’s monologues over the past few years. The late-night TV show has begged for, expected, and guaranteed that Trump would face some legal consequences for his business ventures and/or presidency.

Now that it has come to fruition (and then some), Colbert is making sure he stays on top of everything. He already recapped Trump’s turbulent summer and mug shot. The next step is to keep track of the multiple trials facing the ex-president.

Enter “Road to the White House and/or Big House: Donald Trump v. The People: America Decides and/or Convicts.” The new Late Show segment debuted during Stephen Colbert’s monologue to raucous applause.

Stephen Colbert gives latest on Trump’s classified document, civil fraud, and other trials

Colbert kicked off the segment by giving viewers the latest on the classified documents case against Donald Trump. He joked that the documents had to be moved to a Chris Christie rally to ensure no one was around to view the sensitive information.

Moving on, Colbert mocked a distraught Donald Trump for posting to social media at 2:28 a.m. complaining that his children had to testify in his civil fraud case. Colbert interpreted the post as Trump realizing the walls are closing in around him.

Colbert’s monologue took a detour to land some shots in against Donald Trump, Jr. Calling the president’s son a clown and making a “powdered nose” reference were enough for the comedian before he went on to the next topic.

Donald Trump’s trials have provided late-night TV with material for months at this point. Now, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has a special segment dedicated to the highlights. Look for more updates from Stephen Colbert’s monologues in the coming weeks.