Jimmy Kimmel shows off ‘scariest creatures’ at Trump’s Florida rally

Jimmy Kimmel‘s monologue sorted through all the characters that appeared at Donald Trump’s rally in Florida. The late-night TV host described the guest list as a collection of MAGA World’s “scariest creatures.”

Trump’s rally took place around the same time as the Republican debate. Rather than participate and share the stage with his fellow presidential hopefuls, Trump held one of his signature events. It came just days after he testified in his civil fraud case, so perhaps the ex-president needed a boost.

The substance of the rally wasn’t much different than what we’ve seen for the past few years. Yet each of these rallies becomes a must-see for late-night shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!. This one was no different as Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue said hello to some of the “scariest creatures” in Trump’s orbit.

Jimmy Kimmel mocks the lineup at Trump’s Florida rally

First up was Roseanne Barr. The comedian and former sitcom star put the rally’s sound system to the test as she screamed into the microphone. Kimmel’s monologue applauded Roseanne for getting a gig but sarcastically asked her to speak up. The late-night host also had to toss a barb at Roseanne for mispronouncing Kimberly Guilfoyle’s name.

Then, Sarah Huckabee Sanders took the stage. Kimmel wasn’t buying her compliments for Donald Trump, especially regarding the ex-president as a father.

That gave Kimmel a chance to turn his attention to Donald Trump, Jr. Kimmel dismissed DJTJ’s concerns about grocery store prices as he joked Trump, Jr. would only be shopping for Axe Bodyspray.

Finally, Donald Trump got behind the microphone. Kimmel laughed off Trump’s attempts to frame his legal problems as everyone’s legal problems. “He was indicted for our sins,” Kimmel cracked.

Kimmel’s monologue closed out by highlighting the low turnout for Trump’s rally in Florida. Despite the ex-president claiming that tens of thousands of people came out, the venue only held 5,000. The comedian used it as an opportunity to remind Trump that his inauguration crowd size wasn’t all that impressive, either.

Whether he is in the courtroom or at a rally, Donald Trump continues to provide late-night TV monologues with plenty of material. So even if the crowds dwindle, Trump will get all the attention he needs from Jimmy Kimmel.