Late Night: Michael Cohen says Trump kids wanted campaign to end

Michael Cohen’s interview with Seth Meyers gave insight into the Trump family

Michael Cohen’s promotional tour for his book Disloyal: A Memoir brought him to Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday. The former personal attorney for President Donald Trump peeled back the curtain on his former boss and family.

Cohen is the latest member of President Trump’s orbit to release a book. Others include his niece Mary Trump and his former National Security Adviser John Bolton. But no one knows how Donald Trump works quite like Michael Cohen.

Cohen proved that once again when he spoke to Seth Meyers. The Late Night host made sure not to get too cozy with the convicted felon and pushed Cohen on why the American public should listen to him now.

Meyers also asked Cohen about specific stories from Disloyal, including one in which Cohen states President Trump’s children asked the attorney to end the 2016 campaign. Cohen explained the reason behind it while offering insight into both Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr’s way of thinking:

It probably isn’t all that surprising to hear that the Trump children were motivated by financial losses than any moral obligation. But Cohen’s story to Meyers demonstrates a time when they were at least hesitant to jump into the political spotlight.

But now that is exactly where they find themselves, especially Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. Cohen has an especially harsh assessment of Donald Trump, Jr., indicating that DJTJ is constantly seeking his father’s approval even when doing something his father opposes like big game hunting.

We may never know if the Trump children regret not pushing Cohen harder to end the 2016 campaign. The family has come under increased scrutiny over the past four years and may have even more trouble on their hands in the near future.

Michael Cohen says he wants to warn others about staying in Donald Trump’s cult

Michael Cohen defending his decision to come forward now by acknowledging his past mistakes and what it cost him. He told Seth Meyers that he was a member of a “cult” dedicated to following Donald Trump.

It isn’t the first time we’ve heard that term used to describe Donald Trump’s allies and supporters. Most recently, Stephen Colbert criticized the Republican Party for going “full cult” during the Republican National Convention.

Cohen sees the same blind loyalty in members of Congress, echoing something Meyers often says during Late Night. You don’t have to go too far back in the archives of “A Closer Look” to hear Meyers blast GOP members for defending President Trump against every scandal and controversy.

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