Mary Trump questions President Trump’s sociopathic behavior and test results

On The Late Show, Mary Trump commented on President Donald Trump’s psychology

For years, Stephen Colbert has questioned President Donald Trump’s competence and whether he’s fit for office. On Wednesday night’s The Late Show, his views were reinforced thanks to his interview with author, clinical psychologist, and the president’s niece, Mary Trump.

Mary Trump is promoting her book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World. It provides an inside look at the Trump family and how the dynamic between Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump influenced the president’s behavior and actions over the years.

The results of that father-son relationship have often been called out by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Countless monologues have featured Colbert breaking down President Trump’s thought process, decision making, and impulses. And Colbert has never approved of any of it.

Given her relation to President Trump and her qualifications as a psychologist, Mary Trump is the perfect person to reinforce Colbert’s assessment. She did just that on Wednesday night, first by describing President Trump’s behavior as “sociopathic.”

Mary Trump’s assessment that Donald Trump is comfortable doing “heartless things” echoes much of what Stephen Colbert has said about the president since 2016. From his immigration policies to his handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic, President Trump’s apparent lack of empathy has been condemned by The Late Show constantly.

The president’s niece clarifies that it’s difficult to accurately diagnosis her uncle without performing tests. But based on her training, her evaluation from afar is that Donald Trump has “sociopathic tendencies” but is not high-functioning. It’s a combination that should worry the country, says Mary Trump:

We are talking about a man who I do not belive could function in the real world on his own. A crucial reason he’s gotten as far as he has is because he is continually protected by what I consider institutions. He’s had all of his needs taken care of, he’s never…been held accoutable, he’s been protected from his failures, and been able to fail upwards spectactularly.

Mary Trump has her doubts about President Donald Trump’s cognitive test

Speaking of failures, Mary Trump was asked by Stephen Colbert about the cognitive test her uncle took. President Trump has boasted about passing the test and suggested that former Vice President Donald Trump would never be able to pass the same exam.

According to Mary Trump, her uncle’s bragging is just as telling as the test results. Watch as she first describes the experience of having a family member in the White House and then comments on President Trump’s cognitive ability:

President Trump’s interview with Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday highlighted how the test is relatively simple. It is designed to identify risks for dementia and not to evaluate intelligence. Mary Trump told Stephen Colbert that the test is nothing to brag about for passing.

With that, Mary Trump argues that boasting about his performance on the test is a sign that President Trump failed it. He may not have failed the specific test but he failed its purpose. Again, Mary Trump gives Stephen Colbert and his audience a reason to worry about the man in the Oval Office.

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