Conan O’Brien shows off the massive crowd lined up to see his show

Conan O'Brien (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner)
Conan O'Brien (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner) /

Conan O’Brien continues to have the biggest crowd in late-night television

Despite quarantine, lockdown, and social distancing guidelines, fans are lining up for the chance to be in Conan O’Brien’s audience. The late-night legend was more than happy to brag about how he managed to secure late-night’s biggest crowd.

Late-night shows only recently began returning to studios and theaters. Conan got the ball rolling when he began broadcasting at Largo in Los Angeles. The Tonight Show and Late Night have returned to 30 Rock while The Late Show is back at the offices of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

But these shows are still without a studio audience. That means the only laughter you hear during a show comes from the band, the crew, or the staff watching off camera. That is unless you’re watching Conan.

O’Brien has found a way around the “no audiences” rule by taking inspiration from professional sports. He’s asked fans to send in pictures that are then turned into cardboard cutouts and placed in the seats at Largo. It has become so popular that these cardboard fans are being forced to lineup outside for a chance to get in.

The night before on Conan, O’Brien showed off how he managed to pack the Largo with his cardboard superfans. It’s safe to say that they are a little more creative and lively than what you may see watching a Dodgers game.

Conan O’Brien has applied his absurd comedy to lockdown life

Every late-night show has adjusted to doing a show during the quarantine. All have done well considering the circumstances. But nobody has done quite what Conan O’Brien has done during the past few months.

From walking Lizzy Caplan through a haircut on Zoom to checking in on producer Jordan Schlansky with a pet monitoring system, O’Brien has put his signature sense of humor to good use during these crazy times.

The silver lining in all of this seems to be that it has recharged the creative juices over at Team Coco. And that is saying a lot for a company that is building a podcast empire, producing content for HBO Max, and still delivering a nightly late-night show.

The longest-tenured late-night host has found himself in unchartered territory the longer this goes on. Conan O’Brien has proven that his comedy works anytime and under any circumstances. It’s why fans, even cardboard ones, are willing to line up around the block to see him in action.

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