Lizzy Caplan’s Zoom haircut from Conan O’Brien isn’t half bad

Lizzy Caplan (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)
Lizzy Caplan (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb) /

A nervous Conan O’Brien talked Lizzy Caplan through cutting her own hair over Zoom.

While waiting for hair salons and barbers to reopen, millions of people in quarantine are starting to look a little shaggy. But with nowhere to go and appearances not much of a priority, it’s also a good time to experiment. The combination led actress Lizzy Caplan to convince Conan O’Brien that a Zoom haircut was a good idea.

Late night’s interviews have shown fans what they have in common with celebrities when it comes to life in isolation. Food and drinking habits, entertaining kids, and binging Netflix are a few things that everyone is dealing with right now. You can also add managing personal appearances to that list.

Lizzy Caplan is currently quarantining with her husband in England. She told Conan that she has adjusted quite easily to isolation. Her only issue was her hair and the actress was looking to recapture her bangs look. So with limited options (and limited chances of leaving the house) she turned to Conan O’Brien.

Caplan wisely chose O’Brien to talk her through the procedure. After all, few people in entertainment have a hairdo as recognizable as O’Brien’s signature swirl. Is he in the same category as Kate Middleton and Timothee Chalamet? Caplan seems to think so.

Few times in his late night career has O’Brien been hesitant to commit to a bit or a gag. But here it felt like he was waiting for Caplan to put the scissors down and let him off the hook. Yet the actress never backed down, giving Conan fans one of the more memorable moments from these quarantine shows.

All in all, the results could have been much worse. Caplan sounded satisfied with the look and the Audrey Hepburn comparisons didn’t hurt. And any haircut would look better side-by-side with whatever Conan had going on with his hair combed forward.

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If quarantine goes on into the summer then Conan O’Brien himself may be next in line for a Zoom haircut. It’s only fair that he bring Lizzy Caplan back to the show if and when things get that desperate. Stay tuned.