Conan O’Brien will turn you into a cardboard cutout for his audience

Conan O’Brien has a way for fans to be part of his audience once again

Seeing a late-night television show live is on the bucket list of many fans. The past few months have made that dream impossible but Conan O’Brien and everyone else at Conan have found a solution.

Conan recently moved production from O’Brien’s house Largo at the Coronet theater in Los Angeles. The move not only gave the show a new energy but it helped an establishment that was struggling through the pandemic.

But even in a theater, doing a late-night show without an audience can run its course. Social distancing and lockdown protocols in California have so far limited Conan‘s audience to Andy Richter and Sona Movsesian. So Team Coco has come up with the next best thing.

Inspired by professional sports, Conan is turning to cardboard cutouts of fans to fill the seats. O’Brien unveiled the first batch last night on his show and provided info on how you can get in on the action.

Conan O’Brien continues to involve fans as his show adapts

Now that nearly every late-night television show has moved from at-home production back to a studio, Conan may start a trend. The Tonight Show or Late Night both have empty studios that could be filled either with fan cutouts or images of anyone the show finds amusing.

In sports, the cardboard cutout fans have been a hit with some and dismissed by others. But there is a very different vibe between seeing these cutouts while watching a Dodgers or Red Sox game compared to having them as material for Conan O’Brien. The creativity of Conan fans is also on display with these cutouts.

If you want a chance to have your picture front row at Largo, then go to There is info on the photo requirements along with a form to upload your picture. Hopefully, you’ll see yourself on Conan soon!

It is the latest example of Team Coco turning to its fanbase to help make the show as entertaining as possible during the pandemic. The cardboard cutout idea comes after another edition of “DIY Conan” was announced, encouraging fans to recreate segments of the show that will be compiled for a special episode of Conan.

Are you going to submit your photo to be in Conan O’Brien’s audience? Let us know and we’ll keep an eye out for you. Keep checking Last Night On for more from Conan and the rest of late-night television.