Jimmy Kimmel offers Stephen Colbert advice for hosting the Emmys

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From a previous host of the Emmys to the new one hosting them this Sunday night, Jimmy Kimmel offers some sound advice to The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert.

Jimmy Kimmel has just passed the Emmy torch to one of his late night rivals!

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel LiveThe Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert appeared as a guest of the show. He spoke about the two of their shows and the friendly competition that have with one another. But something else they have in common is that come Sunday, both of them will officially be in the history books as hosts of the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Ahead of the event, Colbert asked Kimmel for some advice about the gig. Kimmel revealed that he likes to “rule with fear” when hosting the Emmys. That is, if he catches anybody on camera yawning or otherwise not enjoying his act, he can “punish” them for it later on his show. More than once, Kimmel just says that he chooses “rule with fear”, to which Colbert replies, “You could be president of the United States.”

In any case, the Emmys are certainly in good hands with Colbert leading the charge. You can watch the two speak about the Emmys in the YouTube video below.

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New episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live air weeknights at 11:35 PM EST on ABC; Colbert’s Late Show airs in the same timeslot over on CBS. As for the Emmys, they will be airing live on Sunday, Sept. 17 at 8 PM EST on CBS.