Bill Skarsgard does the Pennywise grin without makeup on Conan

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Bill Skarsgard from the new IT movie appeared on TBS’ Conan, and the creepy smile he does as Pennywise is even scarier without clown makeup.

Wow… maybe they should have kept Pennywise out of his clown getup!

Perhaps I’m exaggerating just a little bit, but either way, this is awesome. To promote his new movie in which he stars as Pennywise the Clown, Bill Skarsgard appeared as a guest on Conan. On the late night TBS show, Skarsgard was asked about his signature IT smile, and there was an interesting story behind it.

Apparently, when Skarsgard was a small child, his older brother would do a similar smile, which fascinated Bill. When he figured out how to do it himself, he used it to terrorize his younger sibling with it. As he explains on Conan:

"“My older brother Gustaf, who’s an actor as well, he had this ability to do, you know, point his lip in a very strange way and for some reason, I don’t know how, I understood that I could do it as well.”"

Skarsgard then demonstrates the smile of the hour, giving viewers a clear look at it with no clown makeup. It’s pretty freaky, to say the least. If he flashed this grin during the audition process, then there’s no mystery as to why he got the part. You can check it out in the video below.

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The new IT movie is now playing in theaters everywhere. But considering the numbers it’s pulling in, chances are you’ve already seen it.