Stephen Colbert loses his pants in new Emmys ad

via CBS on YouTube
via CBS on YouTube /

Stephen Colbert is filming some new ads for his hosting gig on this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards, and in one video, he winds up losing his pants.

And this is why we all love Stephen Colbert!

With this year’s Emmys just around the corner — the event airs on Sept. 17 — new ads for the show are now starting to make the rounds. The host of the show, the great Stephen Colbert, is front and center in two hilarious ads which are now available to watch online.

The first video shows Colbert addressing the camera, joking that he doesn’t know where he left his tux. He then “remembers”, and rips off what he is wearing to reveal his tuxedo underneath. Well, at least it seems that way at first. When the camera switches to a wider shot, we can see that Mr. Colbert is missing his trousers. Hopefully he’ll be able to find them before the big night!

Watch that first video here.

In the other clip, Colbert pokes fun at all of the reports of “hacking” we’ve been hearing about in 2017. To ensure that nobody will “hack” the results of the Emmys, Colbert says he has asked his assistant to place them into a giant safe. From within the safe, we can hear the poor assistant trapped inside.

Take a look at that one below.

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The 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards will air on Sept. 17 on CBS. Will you be watching the event? Tell us about it in the comments below.