Ann Coulter turns on Donald Trump, calls him out on Twitter

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After propping up Donald Trump through so many of his trials and tribulations, Ann Coulter is now ripping the president on Twitter over the border wall.

Infighting amongst the conservatives? Something tells me those on the other side are gonna get a kick out of this!

For what it’s worth, Ann Coulter is best known for hard-right political beliefs. That woman has defended Donald Trump for some pretty unforgivable acts in the past. But it seems that everyone has their limits, as Trump has finally managed to turn Coulter against him!

Apparently, Coulter is taking issue with Trump prioritizing taxes over the border wall. It seems Coulter was one of the many Trump supporters that believed the hype about a wall being erected within days of Trump entering the Oval Office. With not a single brick having yet been set, Coulter has taken to Twitter to unleash a tirade against the president.

Here are just a few of the tweets Coulter is directing at the Trumpster:

Ouch. This isn’t just one tweet that made it’s way onto Coulter’s Twitter account, which was then deleted moments later. This is an all out rant against the president, and it’s very clear Coulter is not happy with him. At a time when Trump seems to be losing more and more allies and supporters, it’s gotta sting for him to lose one of his biggest champions.

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Will Trump tweet something back to Coulter? We all know he doesn’t like to stay silent when challenged. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!