‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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3. Ser Jorah makes a return to the series… sort of, anyway

During Samwell’s exploration of his new surroundings, he is grabbed by a man being held in a cell. With a familiar gruff voice, the man demands Samwell tell him if the Queen has arrived in Westeros yet. He learns that she has not, and he releases Samwell, going back into the dark shadows of the cell.

Of course, we don’t see this prisoner’s face. But fans of the show will certainly recognize that voice, as well as that familiar obsession with Daenerys. This is  definitely Ser Jorah, who we last saw had been afflicted with greyscale and send to scour the globe searching for a cure. His quest has led to him being thrown into this cell, apparently.

We didn’t get to see Ser Jorah, so we don’t know how much the greyscale has taken over his body. But judging from Sam’s reaction, clearly Jorah isn’t quite looking the same so much anymore. We are betting Jorah is looking more like The Thing from The Fantastic 4 these days. Apparently he still hasn’t found that cure, but I’m sure we will be seeing more and more of this guy this season.