‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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2. The Hound learns the fate of a long forgotten character

One of the more interesting characters on this series is certainly The Hound. On this episode, we get to check back in with him again on his newest travels. He comes across a farmhouse that might seem familiar for fans of the show, as it certainly does for The Hound. It’s the farm he and Arya had come across way back in Season 4.

Let’s rewind for just a minute. When Arya and Houndy were out traveling together, they met a kind farmer and his daughter. The Hound punches him and takes his money, which really angers Arya at the time. The logic is that the farmer would have just starved anyway once winter came, so there was no sense in letting him keep the money.

When The Hound enters the farmhouse, he sees the skeletons of the farmer and his daughter. It’s surmised that because they were starving, the father likely killed the girl and then himself so they couldn’t have to die of starvation instead. There’s a twinge of guilt in the Hound’s eye, even if he would never say out loud that it was the case.

As a small way of somehow paying back the farmer, the Hound digs graves for the man and his daughter.