‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere: 10 Key Moments

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4. Samwell is having the absolute worst time on this show

In this premiere, we get to check back in with Samwell Tarley, now doing the worst kinds of chores imaginable at the citadel. Every day is the same for him, which is depressing as hell. He’s on bedpan duty, draining and scrubbing countless commodes on a daily basis (and dry-heaving each and every time). It looks almost just like the slop he has to feed everyone as well, all blending together into a nonstop daily torture for the poor guy.

But there’s a reason Samwell is dealing with all of these gross, horrible things. Eager to learn more about defeating the White Walkers, he notices a locked off area in the library with access to the books he really needs. In between scrubbing bedpans, Samwell manages to steal a key and access the area to work more on his research.

Nobody around believes Samwell that the White Walkers or coming, or that he has in fact seen them. In fact, it’s more common for them to shrug it off as if they don’t even exist at all. But the maestro actually does believe in Sam when he hears the story. He notes that it’s actually the most simple and believable explanation.