14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

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7. Lawson

We have another smaller character to add to the list here. On Breaking Bad, the arms dealer Lawson first appears in Season 4. Saul Goodman connects him with Walter White, who’s looking to buy a handgun from him. Later, in Season 5, Walter buys the M60 he uses to massacre the white supremacists from Lawson, marking a second and final appearance on the show.

But Lawson would be seen again in the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul. In the show’s second season, Mike Ehrmantraut meets up with Lawson to look at guns. After checking out various rifles, Mike initially declines buying any, offering Lawson money for the trouble, which Lawson also refuses.

Mike does end up buying a sniper rifle from Lawson, however. Lawson gives him some training on how to use it, along with some free ammo for it. As Saul continues, something tells me we will be seeing more of this guy.