14 ‘Breaking Bad’ characters on ‘Better Call Saul’

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8. Ken

We’re scaling things down to one of the much smaller characters for this one. Still, this is a person who has now been on both shows, so that earns him a spot on this list.

Ken is a rich, obnoxious jerk whom has no real involvement in the main story on either show. But big fans of the series should still be able to recognize him. His first appearance on Breaking Bad comes from crossing paths with Walt, rudely ignoring Walt while chatting into his bluetooth headset. We only know his name from the vanity plate on his BMW which reads “KEN WINS”.

Walter’s not in the mood for Ken’s crap on this particular day. So he shoves a wet squeegee between the nice car’s battery terminals. After Walter walks away, the BMW bursts into flames, much to Ken’s shock.

Better Call Saul proves that this wasn’t the only time somebody screwed with Ken, however. Season 2 has an episode wherein Jimmy and Kim meet Ken in a bar, and con him into buying them very expensive tequila shots.