Last Week Tonight with John Oliver live stream: Watch tonight’s April 2nd new episode online

HBO 2017 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver John Oliver as himself Guests: Zebra
HBO 2017 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver John Oliver as himself Guests: Zebra /

John Oliver is back to cover the last two weeks of political news on tonight’s episode of “Last Week Tonight.”

The unexplained absence of HBO’s Last Week Tonight last Sunday night means that host John Oliver is now tasked with having to recap all of the news he missed the past two weeks, while presumably shedding light on a topic not directly related to the current president. Luckily, the show’s official Twitter account promised that Oliver is up to the task, tweeting:

Some of the major stories the show missed include the continuing scandal surrounding the Russian election interference probe involving Devin Nunes and Michael Flynn, whose request for immunity in exchange for his testimony was rejected by the Senate Intelligence Committee this week; the so-called repeal of North Carolina’s HB2 bathroom bill; Congress’ vote to repeal FCC broadband privacy rules; Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s growing influence in the White House; Trump’s threats towards the Freedom Caucus over their opposition to the Republican healthcare bill; the increasing likelihood of a filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch by the Democrats; and the elimination of Obama’s coal regulations to combat climate change.

When we last saw Oliver, he was blasting Trump’s budget cut proposals, and mocking Trump’s awkward meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as the president’s continued insistence that he was wiretapped by Obama. He also encouraged viewers to add dancing zebras to new stories to make them less depressing as a way to cope in the Trump era, gaining inspiration from Bolivia’s efforts to cut down on car accidents.

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Date: Sunday, March 19th
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