John Oliver examines federal budget on Last Week Tonight

HBO 2017 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver John Oliver as himself Guests: Zebra
HBO 2017 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver John Oliver as himself Guests: Zebra /

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took some time this week to discuss the federal budget and President Donald Trump’s plans to cut it.

It has been a relatively quiet week, the key word being “relatively”, in the news concerning President Donald Trump and his administration. However, there was still plenty to talk about for all of the late night shows out there, including Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

During Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, the popular HBO series discussed President Trump’s plans to cut the federal budget. These plans have already been met with plenty of opposition, but John Oliver and his staff wanted to break down what made it so unpopular.

The proposed federal budget from Trump includes a $54 billion increase in military and defense spending while cutting the budget of departments like the EPA, Meals on Wheels, the Department of Agriculture and countless other departments. It seems a bit strange considering a lot of the proposed cuts will negatively impact large numbers of citizens who voted for Trump.

You can watch the entire segment from Oliver and Last Week Tonight about the federal budget in the YouTube video below.

It was definitely a busy episode of Last Week Tonight, focusing a lot on the federal budget and President Trump in general. Sunday’s episode also made fun of morning local talk shows celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and traffic zebras (seriously) in Bolivia.

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Although his show only airs once a week, Oliver has quickly turned into one of the premiere voices on late night television. Hopefully he can keep firing on all cylinders for the rest of this season and beyond.