John Oliver wants you to add dancing zebras to everything


Trying to finish on a positive note on Sunday night, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver introduced the world to Bolivia’s traffic zebras, and they want to keep the trend going.

The popular HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has been going very hard at President Donald Trump and his administration over the past few weeks. However, John Oliver and his staff wanted to bring a more positive news story to light this week, and they did that in terrific fashion.

To end Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver talked about Bolivia, and how the country has been dealing with fatal car accidents. Over the past few years, the country has been introduced to people dressing up as zebras to help with traffic.

Yes, that is probably not what you were expecting, but the results have been fantastic. The Bolivian traffic zebras have brought a positive attitude to the streets while also helping with traffic.

Because these zebras were so entertaining, Last Week Tonight decided that they should try and be added to as much content as possible. To do this, the staff put someone in a zebra outfit in front of a green screen for over 23 minutes so people can add him into just about anything. You can check out the footage in the YouTube video below.

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Last Week Tonight may only air once a week, but the HBO series has done a fantastic job of finding the kinds of stories that most people have never heard of. This story about Bolivian traffic zebras is just another example of that.